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Why is your estimated price different from other contractors'?

We are very often questioned by our clients.

It surely is the most causing-a-headache fact for the homeowners considering any type of construction work. 

Let me briefly explain the reason to you.

As most of the homeowners who has considered a construction work already realized, cost for the same job can be very different from one contractor to another. No two contractors bid for the same price. The reason is simple and clear. Cost for a construction work can be different depending on the following reasons: quality of materials and working crews, services, and guarantee of work. The common sense is that the lower you pay, the lower expectation you should have.

However, it does not mean that the highest price always guarantee you the best outcome of the work. There are some contractors who are more than ready to take an advantage of their clients.

So Why Choose MB?

You need a contractor who gives you a clear idea on what kind of work can be done with the budget you have in mind. When MB estimates the price on your work, we keep your most affordable budget and basic concept of the work in mind. Your budget and idea always come first. However, since most of our clients are not as experienced as we are, they sometimes expect too much from too little. Only in those cases, we give our clients professional advices and suggestions. 

Moreover, in order to give our clients a clearer picture, MB Includes very detailed job description in our estimate proposal. Our estimate is as complete as we can make it. In other words, we can do the job described in the proposal for exactly the price estimated. MB's FREE ESTIMATE SERVICE offers its client a chance to work with the most reliable construction company in town. You can trust MB, because for MB Construction, Inc., client always comes first.