Class A Contractor and Building License

 MD MHIC License

Guaranteed 10-Step Process

Supervision by one Project Coordinator throughout Construction

One Year Warranty

Fully Insured

In addition to Class A Contractor License, we also have Building License which proves our ability to handle anything in construction work. This makes MB Construction a more reliable company.

 Step 1. Interview with Clients

We set up meeting with our clients in order to completely understand their needs.

Step 2. Design

Based on the interview, we make first draft of designs to show our clients.

Step 3. Presentation with Recommendations

We present our designs to our clients and add some professional recommendations.

Step 4. Client Integration

After reviewing our presentation, our clients can make changes to the designs.

Step 5. Construction Preparation

We review the construction schedule with our clients.

Step 6. Paper work process

We obtain all required permits. Our clients never have to worry about the time-consuming permit process.

step 7. Construction

Throughout the whole construction process, MB's responsible project coordinator will be in touch with you.

Step 8. Walk-Thru

Our clients can check the outcomes of the construction and make changes to it.

Step 9. Final Changes

We make final changes to the work based on what our clients point out during the walk-thru.

Step 10. One Year Warranty

We give all our clients, without exception, one year full warranty. This assures the quality or all MB's projects. 


All MB's clients need to talk to only one person throughout the entire construction process.

 Our project coordinators are very responsible.

 They will keep each client informed up to date and give them very clear picture of the work they paid for. 


MB promises one year warranty for all the projects we do. This assures the quality of MB's work.


Even if a never-expected-accident happens, our clients never have to worry. MB construction, INC is a insured company.

These are the reasons that make MB Construction different from the thousands of construction companies in Washington DC Metropolitan Area.